So this post is somethings I always wanted to do. My SL mom, the person I have known basically since my beginning in SL, is actually a creator. At first, her store Shameless, made cute & sexy applier clothes to almost (if not all) of the mesh boobies and booties on the grid. And now that mesh bodies is the new thing, she has started making appliers for Slink Physique and Omega Applier! \o/

So if you love simple, sexy, cute, and urban clothing, SHAMELESS CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES is a store you wouldn’t wanna miss~


Since I’m only featuring one brand for today, I will just mention the names of the items.

TOP*Scion Top* (Available in: Yellow, White, Teal, Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Green, and Black) 

BOTTOM*Jenni Shorts* (Available in: Black, Dark Blue, and Light Blue)

FOOTWEAR*Trixie Heels* (Available in:Turqouise, Purple, Orange, Blue Black, Green, Pink, and Red)


Also, another one of my favorites is this newly released *Doll Tank* which also comes in different colors such as blue, green pink, purple, white, and yellow. I have always wanted to have a simple texture applied tank top however, that seemed to be rare to find in stores now. So I am really happy for this tank and I know a lot of you there would be too ^_^

Aside from the style, another thing I love the most about her texture-applied clothes is the quality. I swear, even if she isn’t my SL mom or like anyone close to me at all and I find her items in the marketplace or the in-world store, I would still definitely buy her items. ♥

These items are just a couple of the many awesome items in her store so go ahead and check them out! We also have a gacha yardsale just in front of the store with items sold starting at 5L$ >:P

Make sure to like Shameless Clothing and Accessories on Facebook!


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