Before I bury my nose in books and homeworks, I decided to work on finally putting re-doing this outfit and have it posted. I was suppose to have this posted couple days ago but I only took it with a plain white background then I thought “Ah, this doesn’t give the outfit justice.” And then I remembered I have that very cool item from LustRage so bam! Here it is~ ♥♥♥


~Avatar Enhancements~

SKINTheSkinnery *Blair* @ The Season’s Story

EYESFate *FateEyes Unlimited Costumization* @ Marketplace

MAKE UPSong *Catlick Eyeliner* @ Mainstore

TATOODoom *Chronic* @ Marketplace

HAIRMoon *Paper Cuts II* Group Gift @ Mainstore


TOPBiscuit *Karma Dream* @ Carnevil (Bra & Harness)

BOTTOMIAF *Long Mesh Split Skirt* 


Facial AttachmentsRandomMatter *Keelhauled Head Chains* @ Mainstore

RandomMatter *Sanza Nose Chain* @ Mainstore

MONS *Mesh Septum Ring* @ Mainstore

HeaddressGlam Affair *Leona Headdress* @ Mainstore

NecklaceEclat *Choker Star* @ Mainstore

Companion – Alchemy/Birdy *Chi Chi Chihuahua* 

The whole background (incuding wall, floor, and candles) is from LustRage. I love it so much *___* ♥

Also, please bear with my messy credits part. I am still trying to figure out the best way to do it T^T

I also have here the raw shots of my pictures (because fyeah i love them). No contrast, color balance or whatnot changed. I just cropped it and added my little watermark. You can click on the picture to see it on its original size. I really enjoyed taking these pictures and playing with the windlights. I look forward to taking more “sophisticated” (…lol) shots like this when I find out about photographic sims on the grid. May you have an awesomesauce Saturday! ;)

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