Troublesome Tuesday! Today, actually not just today but always, I am being a lazybutt. I have not opened Photoshop since my previous post :/ But I am playing around more with how I can present my accessories so they are seen clearer and in more details in my photos. It’s to give the amazing mesh work on them the justice they deserve. The details are really excellent and even I like zooming in to them from time to time when I am inworld.

I am wearing a very sexy and glamorous outfit today. I think I am going through a phase or whatever series of change in my taste of clothing. Lately, I really enjoy putting on tight dresses and heels. That’s a good thing though, right? :D

ahsodhwfo SKIN

Essences *Alice05* @ Oh My Gacha Winter Round (just ended on the 31st)


Lamb *Halo* @ Mainstore


VaLynch *Marrly Dress* @ Mainstore (now updated with mesh body appliers!)


Whatever *Chain Kittenheel* @ Mainstore


Yummy *Celestial Necklace* @ Uber (Celestial Theme)

Yummy *Heart Locket Bracelet* @ Mainstore

Mandala *Billionaire Fashionista* @ Mainstore

Swallow *Septum Ring Silver* @ Mainstore

Also, to all BLOGGERS out there, Shameless Clothing & Accessories needs you!!! Shameless is looking for a curvy blogger who would like to help spread about the awesomeness that is their clothes and accessories. You can check out their inworld store to have an idea of their style. Send an IM or a notecard to emierald resident if you are interested.


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