I was watching GD’s Crooked MV and my favorite (well maybe not favorite but it just really hit me seeing him cry and all broke in the bathroom… poor bb T^T) scene of him in the bathroom.

Screenshot (113)

So seeing that scene, reminded me of this top which I really love. I know it’s not in leopard print too but the color and the style of that scene was basically what I had in mind while I was putting together this outfit and while I edited it. Which explains why I’m wearing street style clothes in an alley with graffiti walls. I also ventured on Photoshop today (yay!). I watched tutorials on how to remove the greenscreen background and also how to add small details like shadows and highlighting. I hope I get in that “photoshop mood” again so I will learn more and become better. Anyway, here’s my look for today :D



The Skinnery *Blair* @ The Season’s Story (Winter Round)

The Sugar Garden *Angel Lipstick* @ Mainstore

{Song} *Ink Eyeliner* @ Mainstore

NOX *Beaty Marks* @ Mainstore


Taketomi *Kira* @ Mainstore


Amitomo *Plaid Half Coat* @ Mainstore

Suicidal Unborn *Lady Rebel Nylon Tights* @ Mainstore (updated!)


Flite X Reckless *Chukkas* @ Mainstore

Also, SU! (Suicidal Unborn) is now updating all their texture clothes with Omega, Maitreya, Slink Physique, and #TMP appliers! So if you like quality texture-applied clothes too, visit their store! I’m so excited to get more items from them! \o/


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