Yes, the title is from DGD’s 2006 song >:P

Anyhow, I was meaning to share this look about two days ago (the night before Anybody Event 3rd Round opens) but I got buried on a pile of homeworks and other RL responsibilities! So I am sad that I didn’t get to share this as early as I’d hope I did but hey, better late than never, right?!

So I am joined once again by one of my favorite boo, Melissa


[theSkinnery] *Blair* @ The Season’s Story

.tsg. *Angel Lipstick* @ Mainstore

[whatever] *Goddess Isis* @ Anybody (Updated Appliers!)


Truth *Minerva* @ Mainstore


MoDANNA *Rebel Collection* @ Anybody

Lolita *Madonne Bra* @ Anybody


[Renegade] *Destiny* @ Mainstore


If you notice, I changed up my body shape and made it thick and sexy. I always wanted to go with this body shape but I didn’t know which sliders to change and stuff. But yay for me finally figuring it out! o/ Also, O M G! I have always worn and really love these shoes from Renegade which I bought from the marketplace. I never got the chance to actually browse the store listed items tho, until tonight that I went to their inworld store to check the SLurl. I LOVE THEIR SHOES! ♥ Just added their store in my list of favorite shoemakers. I can’t wait to shop there when I get out of my borked state ;p I hope everyone’s having a good February so far~


 Get Melissa’s look here! ;o)

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