Very lazy and laid back as my post-Valentine’s look! Since I got my Lara mesh body from Maitreya, I have been very fond of texture-applied clothes, but of course I always wish that there will be fitted mesh clothes as well. And there goes Bueno, as if they heard my wish and made their new releases Lara-fitting as well. I’m one happy kid now! \o/



[theSkinnery] Blair

#adored go-to-liner

#adored saucy lips @ Cosmetic Fair (Feb 14th-28th)

+ Lamb. Illuminate @ Collabor88 (Moonless Night Round)


BUENO Tank Top @ Kustom9

Lolita Flaw less Jeans @ Anybody

REIGN. Darling Wedges (Saturday Sale!)

Gotta mention how I love the low neckline of the top that shows a bit of my underboob tattoo (Goddess Isis by Whatever @ Anybody). And this new hair from Lamb which is very feminine and bigger boob friendly. I’m only wearing the regular hair size but see how it doesnt sit through my chest? Yey~ Anyway, I will be having exams irl, wish me luck >< but I shall be back soon for another post!

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