I am so happy to share with you all that I am now blogging for Snitch! ♥

This is very exciting and challenging to wear kawaii-goth items and which I am sure will challenge me to go out of my comfort zone in styling and taking pictures altogether :D Honestly, for their new items for Whore Couture Fair, I wanted to do a more real life (ish) photo but due to the lack of male model I resorted to the lonesome and slave-like (maybe? yeah.) photo. At first, I wanted to make it look like I sacrificed a man inside the witch circle and have him wear all the sex toys but, welp. Happy with how this turned out either way!

Please click photo to see its original size ♥


Essences {Alex09} (Gacha Item)

.random.Matter. Ascent Eyes

DeetaleZ Eyeshadow Dirty


.Olive. the Shiny Hair (for Fifty Linden Friday!)

Maai Zora Lingerie @ Anybody

ROEternal Wings


Snitch. Strawberry Ball Gag @ Whore Couture Fair (opens on March 1)

Snitch. Dipped Strawberry Anal Beads @ Whore Couture Fair (opens on March 1)

[whatever] Nipple Piercing

Seeing these delicious strawberries really made my mouth water >< lol. Like I said, I didn’t manage to find a male to model with me so I used this one “unconventional” chair I remember buying from wayyyy~ back.  It’s called Male Puppy Chair by the one and only Boudoir. I was so amused at the chair that I bought the two versions they released. Not that it implies anything about me or… yeah you know that >:P Also, I am using LustRage for my backdrop which comes with the candles and witch circle.

I hope to take more pictures with the RO wings tho, I have a lot in mind of concepts and stuff but then I don’t know where to get them and if my average skills can put it together like how I want to -.- Wish me luck!


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