Hope everyone’s week started well! My Monday is a holiday so yay~ (altho it doesn’t really make much of a difference since I have no school and nowhere to go… now that’s sounds sad lol) I put together an outfit featuring these three new items from La Baguette which will be released at The Showroom on May 20th of PDT.

I really like this see-through top which looks extra better with my Lolas Tango ♥ Both shorts and sheer top come in different colors. And the eyebrows come in different natural colors including a tintable one; there are different versions as well – V1, V2 (thick), cut, and no cut. I like these eyebrows for a badass look especially for the cut version, the strands were very well drawn as well. :)


Clawtooth: Business Time (Silent Movie Star Pack)

[La Baguette] Natural Eyebrows V1 (With Cut) @ The Showroom

[La Baguette] Honey’s top ~ White @ The Showroom

[La Baguette] Flawless Shorts ~ White @ The Showroom

^BW^ Dimepiece Socks (BG Black)

XYZ // Tattoo Choker [black]

Eclat – Rhomb Earring


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