Skin: Essences – Ariel @ Kustom9 *NEW*

Eyes: Nova – Morning Eyes @ Cosmetic Fair (Gachalicious) *NEW*

Eyeliner: Nova – Sagan

Hand Tattoo: Arise – Mysta @ Body Mod Expo *NEW*


Hair: Elua

Top: Beusy – Washed Out *NEW*

Shorts: Pixicat

Shirt Around Waist: Amitomo

Shoes: Vale Koer


Choker: Charm – Neris *NEW*

Bracelet: Luxe

This will be my last blog for now. I will be focusing more on my RL – school and work. I will definitely continue supporting my (ex)sponsors by buying their items. It is truly a wonderful experience to get to blog for my favorite stores on the grid and I hope I got to help reach out more people who didn’t know about the awesome-ness of your store. I shall be back when time allows. ♥



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