LOOK #192


Hair: Beusy – Death Hawke @ Hair Fair *new*

Skin: Deetalez – Anouk

Eyebrows: Soiree – Kat

Mouth: Loud Mouth – Alli {closed} v1.5

Ears: Mandala – Steking

Body: Belleza – Isis

Accessory1: Cynful – Pucker Necklace #2 (rare) @ Epiphany *new*

Top: Cynful – Pucker Top (rare) @ Epiphany *new*

Bottom: Cynful – Pucker Pants (rare) @ Epiphany *new*

Accessory2: Cynful – Pucker Armband (rare) @ Epiphany *new*

Accessory3: Cynful – Pucker Bracelet #1 (rare) @ Epiphany *new*

Accessory 4: Cynful – Pucker Belt (rare) @ Epiphany *new*

Accessory5: Cynful – Pucker Garter #2 (rare) @ Epiphany *new*

Footwear: Empire – Cosmos @ Crystal Heart *new*


Empire opened a 2nd sim for a less laggy and more convenient shopping experience ♥ VISIT THE MIRROR LOCATION TODAY!


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